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Peace Foundations is a not-for-profit charitable organization benefiting victims of Domestic Violence. What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is one of our Country’s most neglected CRIMES. It affects people in every community throughout our Country.

Domestic Violence is a CRIME

Peace Foundations is on a critical mission to END the CYCLE of Domestic Violence and Restore the Peace in our communities. We are focused on Rescuing the Abused, Abandoned and Oppressed victims right here in America! And, we are currently developing revolutionary new programs and services that prove to be more realistic than those currently available to victims of DV. These innovative programs and services will enable victims currently suffering from undeserved cruelty to overcome the Barriers they face when attempting to leave an abuser.

Our goals are to provide DV Victims with the services necessary to free them, lots of loving care, recovery programs and the temporary and transitional housing needed to keep them safe. Our programs and services will enable victims to escape, be safe, survive and receive medical care, education and new skills, if necessary. Our unique offerings will empower abuse victims and their families. These offerings will enable them to completely heal, experiencing a restoration of PEACE, Love, Joy and Hope. Once these critical elements are restored, these victims will be transformed into happy, productive, self-assured, and self-supportive members of society. Ultimately, they will survive, thrive and add tremendous value to our communities.

Domestic Violence Statistics-The shocking “Facts” 

There are many Types Of Abuse. Some victims are suffering physical/sexual abuse. These victims display visible marks of torment on the exterior along with an excruciating amount of internal hurting that is unseen by the naked eye. There are other victims who have no visible marks of terror, but they feel the horrific internal pain as a result of abandonment, economic, emotional, physical, psychological, and/or sexual abuse. Every victim deserves an offer of help and support. We feel it is our duty as both Americans, and as Christians, to help these oppressed victims emerge free and safe from their brutal oppressors.

Contrary to popular belief, most victims of domestic violence have a strong desire to be freed from their oppressors; and they deserve their freedom. They long for peace, hope, love and joy. Unfortunately, most of them have given up on any hope of freedom. Their abusers have not only alienated them from their friends and family, but the abuser is also very good at charming the authorities. The oppressor can easily convince the authorities that the victim is the “crazy” one. Once the victim believes they have no one in their corner and they completely give in, stop trying and begin to die to self. “Why Do Victims Stay?”

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 If you are being abused we urge you to seek Help and Safety

What is Abuse?       What is Domestic Violence?
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Domestic Violence is one of our country’s most neglected crimes. Please be a part of the solution to these ever increasing statistics. Domestic Violence affects people in every community throughout our country. We need your help in this this critical mission to restore the peace. Donations of any amount/type are always needed and greatly appreciated. We help Americans! We Rescue the Abused, Abandoned and Oppressed; and, We Save Lives. Join Today! Any amount Helps. You can Make a difference!  Donate Now


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