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 If you are being abused we urge you to seek Help and Safety

What is Abuse?       What is Domestic Violence?
Are You Being Abused?     Is Someone You Know Being Abused?

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Domestic Violence is one of our Country’s most neglected CRIMES. Please be a part of the solution to these ever increasing statistics. Domestic Violence affects people in every community throughout our Country. We need your help in this this critical mission to restore the peace. Donations of any amount/type are always needed and greatly appreciated. We help Americans! We Rescue the Abused, Abandoned and Oppressed; and, We Save Lives. Join Today! Any amount Helps. You can Make a difference!  Donate Now


Victim Resources  |  Types of Abuse  |  What is Domestic Violence?  |  Why do Victims Stay?  |  What is Abuse?

Psychological / Emotional Abuse   |  How to Help a Victim of Abuse  |  Blog For Peace   |  Donors and Affiliates

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