• To leave someone, temporarily or permanently without regard for their mental or physical health, safety, protection or welfare
  • The act by which a person abandons and forsakes; deserts without justification
  • A condition of public, social, or family life, renouncing its responsibilities and evading its duties To give up; discontinue; withdraw from
  • To cast away, leave, or desert
  • To disown
  • To banish
  • A type of emotional abuse that can occur when one or both parents leave a child physically or mentally. Adults can also experience the devastating effects of abandonment if important people in their lives leave suddenly or violently

Abandonment Includes:

  •  Leaving someone alone, uncared for or unattended for long periods of time
  • Withdrawing of or non-display of emotions
  • Behaviors or words that make a person feel undesired
  • Discarding of human responsibilities (i.e. walking away from an elderly parent that needs care or leaving a baby in a dumpster)
  • Leaving someone at a caregiver’s and not returning

Types of Abandonment:

  1. Child Abandonment
  2. Elderly Abandonment
  3. Emotional / Psychological Abandonment
  4. Pet Abandonment
  5. Marital / Partner / Spousal Abandonment

Two Types of Marital Abandonment:

Criminal Abandonment occurs when one spouse stops providing the care, protection or support of the other spouse who has health problems or minor children without “just cause.”

Constructive Abandonment occurs when one spouse makes life unbearable for the other and your only option was to leave the marriage.

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