Degradation / Verbal Abuse

• The act or process of damaging or ruining someone or something
• The act of treating someone or something poorly and/or without respect
• A decline to a lower condition, quality, or level
• A demoralized state
• Human misery
• Aims to diminish the dignity and self-worth of the person
• Affects a person’s sense of identity in a demeaning way
• Loss of Self Respect
• Wearing down
• Disintegration

Verbal abuse

People must hear loving words of acceptance to develop properly. Verbal Abuse can be overt and/or covert:

OVERT: Aggressive, angry words which make you believe that you are flawed or unacceptable
COVERT: Loving words/feelings are withheld

Degradation occurs from acts of Verbal Abuse and/or Insulting behavior,   such as:

• Ridiculing
• Name calling
• Imitating
• Infantilizing
• Abasement
• Embarrassment
• Shame
• Yelling or Screaming
• Swearing
• Foul Language and/or Obscenities
• Demeaning talk
• Humiliation
• Labeling
• Mimicking
• Bullying
• Mortification
• Indignity
• Ignominy
• Harsh criticism
• Belittling
• Disgrace
• Dishonor
• Debasement
• Degrading
• Demeaning jokes
• Teasing about someone’s mental capabilities
• Teasing about someone’s physical appearance
• Refusing love, attention and touch
• Physical or emotional abandonment
• Shunning a person from the family altogether
• Kicking teens out of the home
• Locking a person out of the home to discipline or punish
• Treating someone as though they were much younger than they are and preventing them from making normal decisions

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