• Inconsistent or no response to a person’s invitations to connect
  • Failure to attend to a person’s physical, social or emotional needs
  • Refusing to acknowledge a person’s interests, activities, schooling, peers, etc.
  • Abandonment or refusing to acknowledge someone as your responsibility, or as your own
  • Denying medical or health care, and/or safe, clean environments
  • Inability or failure to engage a person emotionally (Emotional Unresponsiveness) or to protect them from harm

People who have had few of their emotional needs met are often unable to respond to the needs of others. They may not show attachment to their spouse or child. And they are generally incapable of providing positive nurturing to any of their relationships. They may show no interest in a child or spouse, or withhold affection or even fail to recognize a person’s presence. Many times the abuser is physically there but emotionally unavailable. Failing to respond to or consistently interact with your child or spouse constitutes emotional unresponsiveness and psychological abuse.

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