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Abbey Hall James Bradley Adam Schmidt James Franz Adarius Armand Jared Rowland Adele Dasaro Jason Clayton Alan (Al) Nash Jason Creson Alex Engleman Jason Gerhard Alex Roscillo Jason Thompson Alfonso Boyd Jeanine (Jan) Trieber Alice (Jeany) Bean Jeff Poiteuint Aliyah Morris Jennifer Cruse Alli Thomas Jennifer Easton Allison Creson Jennifer Ericson Allison Ramey Jennifer Horbal […]

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Alice Smith Katherine (Katie) Gemberling Amanda Sitaro Kathy Graulich Amy Sitaro Kaylee Taggi Ann Chipps Kenny & Andrea Barber Anna Ross Kevin & Amanda McCracken Becky Russell Kristen Weidlich Benjamin (Ben) Marley Matthew (Matt) Mora Beverly (Bev) Shilling Matthew (Matt) Sitaro Bill & Jeannie Jones Matthew Sprouse Bill Binder Jr. Micaela Furtado Bill Walls Mike […]

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Adriana Perez Laura Ellerbee Angel Tabbert Laura Sitaro Bean & KK’s Moonwalks Marie Perez Bethany (Beth) Pederson Mark & Melinda Schmidt Career Central Melanie McDonnell Carly Pelland Mike & Wendy Schmidt Christopher (Chris) Chesson-Dennis Retta Bex Courtney Tait Robert (Scott) Carson Sr. Curtis Andrews Robert Pruden David & Kristy White Rocky Sitaro Garrett & Karen […]

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Cindy Binder-Carson Constance (Connie) Troy David & Jamie McCracken Donna Wright Douglas Marr Jerry Wilds Keya Jacobs (Kamelian’s Thrift Store) Kimberly Clark Paul and Christine Collins (Pay It Forward Farm) Paul Hutchison Treasures For Peace Thrift Store Wendy Dill William (Bill) Hammond William Sr. & Kaye Binder Back to all Donors & Affiliates Resources and […]

Victim Resources

Domestic Violence Statistics Victim Resources Hotlines, Shelters and Support Domestic Violence is also known as: Domestic Abuse, Spousal Abuse, Partner Abuse, Workplace Abuse, Child Abuse and Elder Abuse Abuse does not discriminate. It happens among heterosexual couples and in same-sex partnerships. It happens in the home, on the streets, in our workplaces and in places that care […]

Abuse Indicators

Physical Abuse Indicators: A history of unexplained falls or minor injuries especially at different stages of healing Unexplained bruising in well-protected areas of body, e.g. on the inside of thighs or upper arms etc. Unexplained bruising or injuries of any sort Burn marks of unusual type, e.g. burns caused by cigarettes and rope burns etc. […]