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Ann Chipps Kenny & Andrea Barber
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Benjamin (Ben) Marley Matthew (Matt) Mora
Beverly (Bev) Shilling Matthew (Matt) Sitaro
Bill & Jeannie Jones Matthew Sprouse
Bill Binder Jr. Micaela Furtado
Bill Walls Mike & Alyssa Green
Brinn McCracken  Patti Lefkowich (Patti Waggin’)
Celina Miller Pauly Hutchison
Charles Kluxen Ramon Martinez
Chris Jondro Randy Twiss
Christopher & Dorothy Binder Raymond (Ray) Collins
Clement Miller Raymond (Ray) Walton
Crysta Carson Rebecca (Becky) Bidwell
Daniel Mora Rebecca Bickford
Danielle Sheeks Richard & Andrea Banfill
Debra Smiley Richard Banks
Donna Hewett – McCranie Sarah Hutchison
Doris Carson Scott Denise
Drew Place Shady Hills Laundromat (Unknown Names)
Eli Horner Shelbie Twiss
Emily Gregory Steve Nuce
Esteban Mora Susan Holland
Gregory (Greg) Pederson Terry & Linda Fisher
James Clark Terry & Linda Fisher
Jasmin D’Anunzio Tiffany & Ryan Sayre
Jasmyn Richards Tiffany Stout
Jason Korsiak Tyler McPhee
John Aceto William & Susan Sandner (Pasco Pump)
John & Beth Bernier Willy Sandner (Pasco Pump)
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Julia Perry Zachariah (Zack) Walton

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Domestic Violence is one of our country’s most neglected crimes. Please be a part of the solution to these ever increasing statistics. Domestic Violence affects people in every community throughout our country. We need your help in this this critical mission to restore the peace. Donations of any amount/type are always needed and greatly appreciated. We help Americans! We Rescue the Abused, Abandoned and Oppressed; and, We Save Lives. Join Today! Any amount Helps. You can Make a difference!  Donate Now


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